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My Life is a lit |Story| Part 3

My Life is a lit |Story| Part 3

15 July, 2020

Mahira… it doesn’t feel right to see you working like this sister-in-law…it’s okay, you just get better Kamal doesn’t listen to a word I have to say he is always worried about me he always takes care of my needs I feel like having some tea, let’s have some I’ll bring it at once and Mahira…

Everything is present inside the fridge, there is juice and other things to eat you can help yourself to anything, don’t be so formal thank you I’ll bring the tea, will you have something with the tea? bring some biscuits with it okay why did you get so worried? huh? I’m not getting worried brother Kamal do you need anything? brother? you broke my heart why are your hands shaking? I won’t hurt you Kamal, are you home? please come here, I have some good news for you didn’t you give her the medicine?

Sister Fazeela did not have anything to eat it’s of no use. I’ll see to it myself you coming here… has lit up the house Kamal? I’m coming I’m coming my dear Aashi what happened? Why are you standing there? come here your tea sit down the room has become so silent, ever since mom died it’s not just the room, but the house too I know that you have become very sad after your mom’s death but listen to me dear…

I am with you I’ll love you like a father and a mother as well you can share anything with me… like you did with your mother this is the life that God wrote for Shagufta one doesn’t cry… on the decision that God makes but father… I miss mom very much I know that dear by the will of God… people leave us but one doesn’t kill their happiness because of it your father is alive who feels happy seeing you… who is alive for you get a hold of yourself dear yes father return to your college from tomorrow your mother’s wish was to see you study, remember? I’ll make her wish come true good girl brother has transferred fifteen lac rupees into my account Fazeela I knew that you would never refuse my request now I’ll do as you say no Mahira… Kamal will first have lunch, then tea, take his tea back but why? why won’t I drink tea? I have eaten her cooking many times, but never drank her tea, give it to me is she taking care of you? what are you saying, Kamal?

Mahira is like my sister sister-in-law, I’m going to wash the clothes, call me if you need anything greetings auntie greetings why are you opening the door? Where is Mahira? her… sister-in-law has sent her away to work sent her to work? you’re getting sad like Mahira has gone somewhere bad don’t women work or do jobs? if Mahira’s working then what is the harm in that? there is a difference in…

Doing a job and cleaning someone’s house, Shaheena where have you sent your sister-in-law to work? at brother Kamal’s at Kamal’s? How did that happen? my luck is as good as my face and do you know, he’s giving fifteen thousand rupees really! all should have a lover, just like him I swear to God, he’s mad for her you’ll see how I’ll rob Kamal with both hands I’ll just have to be cautious of one thing… I didn’t tell Jawed that I just told him that I’m getting eight thousand rupees by God Shaheena, you are very clever that means seven thousand will go straight inside your pocket that’s right I can do anything for money, you don’t know how far I could go she’s my sister-in-law… listen… arrange a maid for me, just to sweep up the place the rest, Mahira will take care of, I don’t want her getting comfortable inside the house now I’m convinced of how clever you are thanks to God…

My son has returned after completing his education you don’t know dear… how hard it was for me to send you money I know… that my mother is the reason I have completed my education you know how irresponsible Khalid is but now my son is here now I’m at peace what are you guys talking about? you should come and sit with us, what are you so busy with? it’s not like I have maids around me I was washing the dishes, Ayesha is always sitting inside her mother’s room I think she’ll take aunt Shagufta’s place it looks like it is in our fate to serve others mother… not many days has passed since aunt Shagufta’s death and you very well know that Ayesha was very close to aunt Shagufta and why wouldn’t she be? she was her mother so have we taken an oath to keep up with the housework?

A joint family means that all should work together and you always take her side that is no way to talk to your brother he always takes Ayesha’s side and he never listens to what we have to say if he has studied doesn’t mean that he has become our teacher look at her where were you? you said to me yesterday that, you would come in the evening, I had to call you ten times to come here I wanted to come but leave all that and give me my phone Aimen, I lost it you lost it? where? I don’t know? are you in your senses?

It was so expensive, how could you lose it? why don’t you… keep this phone? as soon as I get the money, I’ll pay you back why should I keep this second hand mobile? don’t get upset I am very embarrassed about this I’ve set up your Facebook inside this okay then get me my phone as soon as you can now go I’m not in the best of moods should I really go? yes! are you sure? yes! I know very well… that this greedy woman would’ve kept my phone with her my daughter has arrived! greetings greeting I…

Was coming to get you today sorry I’m late today, there was too much work today it’s okay, are you tired what are you saying? all she does is goes to the house next door it’s not that big a deal it is the first time that my daughter has gone out to work and that too to someone’s home so, it’s her first time… she’ll get used to it after a few days what’s the big deal in that? what is this in your hand? sister Fazeela made dinner she asked me to take some for home wow! It’s the one good thing you did today I’m starving, why don’t you… prepare the flat bread? So that we may eat dinner what are you talking about?

My daughter is tired, why don’t you make the flat bread yourself? she won’t die if she makes a few pieces and will I eat alone? won’t you eat? Jawed must also be very hungry I’ll keep some for him and for myself it’s not everyday we get to eat things like these my husband is so overwhelmed with responsibilities that we have forgotten what it is like to eat good food but sister Fazeela gave this especially for mother are you mad? your mother is a blood pressure patient do you want to kill her? are you mad? there is some left over food from last night, you both can eat that anyways it is better to cut one’s spices and salts in old age with a smiling face she so cleverly took away my phone and handed me this second hand what!

I suspected you from the beginning mother, you you stole the money, didn’t you? it was only me who you could suspect after it was how you raised me shut up! if I had done anything wrong in raising you… then Shahmeer should have also been a thief but it is only you that has become one for this… for this abomination, you have stolen? huh? one day you’ll be deceived the way you deceived your mother do you understand? okay, give me my phone, I don’t know what problem you have with it, I won’t let you take it mend your ways I’m doing so much for you and you are only worried about your phone, if your father finds out about this… then he will surely have my head give it to me give it to me no what should I do? curse her however it is…

At least it is a phone why do you close yourself in this room? do you know Shahmeer? when I’m inside this room, I feel like I’m with mom and what of the rest of the people inside the house? come outside and sit with the rest of us if you want to go somewhere… tell me, I’ll take you there come out of this state of sadness thank you Shahmeer but I don’t want to go anywhere okay let’s do one thing let’s go and have some ice-cream look… this will improve your mood, come on get up if you want to go somewhere, tell me and I’ll take you there no Shahmeer, not right now what are you talking about? mother… I’m trying to take her out to have some ice-cream… but she’s not going what will the people say? that the girl’s mother died a few days ago… and she’s out eating ice-cream mother, what are you saying?

Go away from here your father is calling you and besides, Ayesha doesn’t like to have ice-cream Ayesha… you should take some responsibility Shahmeer is unaware of the rules of the house you’re a girl and sit properly do you understand? Jawed should be home by now, where is he today? he’ll come soon mom both mother and daughters are so clever they are in wait, so that they could trap Jawed I’m worried just thinking about it, I’ll talk to him as soon as he comes I’ll play them in such a way that both of them don’t get a chance to say anything mom you have a fever when brother comes, I’ll ask him to take you to the hospital I’ll talk to him when he comes, here he comes greetings mom greetings I was waiting for you I have such a headache!

Someone give me water! Shaheena! give me water and take me to the hospital, I think I need an IV I have a headache since morning, but no one asked me, no one cares for me why didn’t no one ask her? Her head is throbbing with pain if your daughter would be hurting, you would be worried sick, she takes care of everybody inside the house I didn’t like you sitting in Ayesha’s room like that and Zafar too doesn’t like this mother, Ayesha is my cousin she’s your cousin and that’s fine… but you are not children, you both have grown up take care of these things otherwise you know how angry Zafar can get you’ve made uncle an unnecessary fear it is all because of your father’s weakness Shahmeer…

You are my only support otherwise… I think all of our generations… will have to be dependent on Zafar mother nothing of the sort will happen anyways… do you have anything to say, or should I go? no you can go what is happening here? you? you’ve come back so early, didn’t you go to the office today? forget about my office take care of your health, you’re not eating well, I’ve brought all of your favorite dishes okay I don’t feel like eating anything from the outside, because Mahira’s cooking is fantastic I’ll take care of that from next time… for now I’m starving and it smells amazing come on girl, dish it out now tell me, how are you feeling? I’m fine, Mahira takes care of me that’s good I’ll wash my hands and then we’ll eat look…

How much I care for you I brought the food so that you didn’t have to slave away inside the kitchen you should also take care of me for how long will you torture me? hmm? brother Kamal, what are you saying? brother! how many times have I told not to hurt my heart by calling me brother your beautiful face is all I need to torture me Fazeela will sleep after taking her medicine with her food I’ll wait for you on the roof, hurry up I don’t like waiting look at this set look at this yes… it’s very beautiful show me this one it’s of a special collection of ours this looks nice brother… tell me… can you disassemble this… and make it just like this? yes I can do that, but this set is more expensive than the one you have anyways I can adjust it a little bit and make it according to your budget okay, see to it that it happens okay I’ll do it show me these earrings are these with the set?

Yes you look at this and let me check this out this is very beautiful greetings greeting to you too is Mr. Saleem not here? no he did not come today he was sick, if there’s anything that I can do tell me I wanted to make some jewelry sir you can see if there’s anything you like no I’ll talk to him on the phone okay okay then, sir I’ll be going now this… goldsmith is Zafar’s friend anyways… he doesn’t know who I am Mahira… are you worried? no, I’m not worried okay you look worried to me it’s another thing that you don’t want to tell me why don’t you… go home are you sure? yes Kamal won’t go to the office today, he’s at home if I’m in need of anything, I’ll tell Kamal thank you so much I’ll be leaving now the food is inside the fridge and I’ve also made the flatbread all you have to do is heat it up yes, yes, you can go farewell where is she?

I swear to God, this girl it looks like I have to see to it myself where is that girl? who Mahira? I don’t care about her name, where is she? she went home, I sent her away she went home? Why did you let her leave so early what would she have done if she stayed? That is why I sent her home I work hard to earn money I am not paying her fifteen thousand so that she works here half a day tell her if she goes away again like this, then I will cut her pay what happened Kamal? Why are you getting so angry? I’m not getting angry, it’s about the principle, besides I hired her to take care of you and one shouldn’t be so friendly with servants from next time if she needs to go somewhere or you need to send her somewhere… she needs to take permission from me you amaze me sometimes wow!

Looks like some guests are coming over but I will have the dessert Aimen wait a while, this is an offering to my mother what is this behavior? I can’t wait if I eat a little bit, it won’t have any effect on aunt Shagufta’s health I said it’s an offering for my mother those who are dead have no concern with this I am alive I’ll eat it whether you like it or not don’t you understand what I’m saying if I can’t eat it then no one can what did you do?

What happened? I told her to wait a while, she has ruined everything but who did this? she did this Aimen, are you mad? you must have said something I told her to wait, she can have it after the offering but she has no patience all you are worried about is your offering you’ve been crying since morning Shagufta is dead and left her troubles here auntie… what are you saying about my mother? how dare you talk back at me?

Since morning there has been no peace in this house all the time you are crying about your mother how did the dessert fell over? what happened? father… Aimen spilled all of the dessert for the offering I asked Aimen to wait a while, but auntie pushed me so hard I did that so that the dessert didn’t spill on your hand, are you hurt? have you no respect Aimen? there is something known as tolerance and respect this dessert was for your aunt wow! now you too are worried about the dead if you had the same concern in her lifetime, then she would still be alive and we would not be standing here talk to me with respect otherwise I’ll bury you alive, on the spot begone from here, otherwise I’ll kill her before Zafar gets the chance begone did you not teach her how to talk to one’s elders Zafar, ignore her forgive her, she’ll ask for your forgiveness.

I don’t need her apologies brother control your daughter I am alive next time if something happens to Ayesha, then there will be none worse than me did you listen sister-in-law for me both are the same but I’ve never been embarrassed because of Ayesha brother! teach Aimen some respect otherwise one day you’ll regret it it’s better to marry her off come her dear come here come her my dear come here good girl how are you home so early? there was nothing left to do sister Fazeela asked me to leave, that’s why I came wow! there was no work to do, that is why you came back early did you not bring any leftovers?

No brother Kamal brought food from outside wow! you’re eating take out you’re enjoying a-lot and here we are eating the same thing everyday I’ll… see how mom is feeling you and your children have sworn to make my life a living hell I take one step forward and you drag me down then what should I do? should I be a slave for Zafar and his daughter first it was Shagufta, I had to be a slave to and now it’s her daughter that has taken her place, look Khalid I can’t take it anymore either separate your home or your business nothing of the sort will happen Zafar is right…

We should marry off Aimen, it is in our best interests where to? Suitors aren’t exactly lining up come here son sit down to tell me… have you earned an education to stay at home? come to the factory from tomorrow I did not have you study what?! who had him study? have some fear of God, Khalid, I paid for his education with my blood and sweat otherwise he would be roaming around like other children of the family father I cannot come to the factory I’ve delivered my CV in a few places and I expect to get a call from one of those places mother, make father understand I have no intention of coming to the factory only God can explain it to him why can’t you understand a simple thing?

That you going to the factory will raise my status over there Zafar will give him a high status it is in our best interests for him to go there you are right I’ll explain it to him brother Kamal, what are you doing here? I’m looking at you brother Kamal leave my hand brother Kamal leave my hand I haven’t grabbed it, just so that I can leave it mom! what happened? what happened my dear? open up the lights what happened dear? what happened? huh? did you have a nightmare? what happened Mahira? what happened dear? nothing huh? it was only a nightmare God help us God help us if I tell mom what Kamal said to me…

Then she’ll get worried lay down lay down, I’m right here it’s okay it’s okay oh really! you’ve bought a mobile so that you can take your pictures all day long so what else am I supposed to do alone? why don’t you understand, what I’m trying to say huh? what was the need to argue with Ayesha? tell me one thing do you love me more, or Ayesha? I’ve hated Ayesha since forever but you are my daughter, my child oh really! That is why you scold me all day long in front of everybody what should I do? I am forced to I hope you can understand this anyways tell me one thing hmm, ask me tell me honestly ask! if a good match comes for you…

Then should I agree to it? will you have a problem with it? what problem will I have? it will be good… at least I’ll be away from this place okay then it’s settled he said that… Ayehsa always raised his head with pride if I don’t make him regret his words… then you can change my name leave it mother in front of uncle you stand there with your head bowed before him all you can do is talk that is my only weakness, how should I explain this to you? here is your tea I could have made it myself it’s okay Mahira my room needs sweeping and there are some clothes that needs washing by hand, do these things before leaving…

Don’t leave for brother Kamal’s before doing these things if you’ve picked a job for her then let her leave on time what will happen, if she leaves a little late? sometimes one gets late, and besides she’ll have to do the house work sometime greetings aunt! it’s good I’ve met you here, I’ve brought a maid for you wow Rabia! everyone should have a friend like you right? why are you standing here, go and take her inside come on go on why do you need a maid? what do you mean by that? I asked for her to clean up our place your daughter won’t have to clean up everyday in the morning but you’ll have to pay her that is my problem, not yours and listen I’ll go with you when you leave for brother Kamal’s is this the time to come and you left yesterday without telling anybody I don’t like this at all sister Fazeela asked me to come late did you listen to her?

Go inside brother Kamal what has got a hold of you? Take it easy why are you getting so angry at her coming late? I hired this girl because you needed help, but that doesn’t mean that she can do whatever she wants no she won’t do whatever she wants, if you want her to come early then she’ll come early and if you want her to come late, then she’ll come late it’s not that big a deal brother Kamal if you could manage to give me some money I gave you five thousand yes you did but only I know how I manage them to take care of the month’s expenses if you were to give me ten thousand more , then a total of fifteen thousand will have been paid and honestly I am in need of money okay but I have a condition.

Condition? what condition? she’ll get off work late that’s no condition, you can keep her for the entire day, I have no problem with that you have just made my day, let me give you the money right now take this don’t be so impatient thank God for listening to my prayers what happened? You look very happy today Safiya called me today she said that she has found a match for Aimen, they are good people and they want to meet that is good news, you should meet her they are in more of a hurry than us, they want to meet us today yes call them, just explain everything to Aimen and see to it that the family is wealthy you don’t worry, I’ll take care of everything that is very good I’ll meet you in the evening okay farewell Aimen? Aimen?

When Sajda talked to me about her son’s marriage, only Aimen came to mind and I immediately brought her here my Aimen is so beautiful whoever sees her, remembers her she takes care of the entire house and also studies whilst doing all of that I’ve never seen a girl like that anywhere greetings.

Greetings auntie, I’ll be studying outside in the lawn call me if you need anything why are you in such a hurry dear? What are you studying she is my brother-in-law’s daughter, her name is Ayesha you were going to study? she is my daughter, Aimen God bless her she is beautiful, right? both the girls are very pretty may God give them healthy lives but for my son Nouman, I think Ayesha would be a better match

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