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My Life is a lit |Story| Part 17

My Life is a lit |Story| Part 17

22 August, 2020

do one thing, send me the notes forget it! all my preparation is complete, and I’ll top this time as well, you just want me to get fail anyhow… right! OK now don’t try to cover it, I know you care about me a lot, after my mother you are the only one, I share everything with! with whom you are talking to, while laughing..? dad…. I’m asking you who was it? what happened Zafar?, why are you screaming? she was talking to some guy… dad!

I wasn’t talking to any guy, if you don’t believe me then you can call and ask, I was talking to my friend! your behavior with her wasn’t right in the morning as well, and right now! you have seen the outcome of spoiling some one tell her that whatever we’ll say will happen in this house furthermore, I don’t like when girls talk for long on the phone, make her understand that! Aunty…

I wasn’t talking to any guy, I was talking to my friend don’t cry, oh! my child, I know… phone ringing hello! how are you mom?… also you didn’t tell me what happened to sister-in-law? has she come home or is she admitted in the hospital? oh God!, pray for good, why would she go to the hospital, now after so long we have a happiness to celebrate aren’t you worried about sister-in-law too much? why not? thanks a million to God, you are about to become an Aunt! what! really mom! this is truly a big news… thanks to God, a million times mom, brother must be so happy, tell him that I will come to meet both of them yeah sure, you should come…. do come!… now tell me how should I not worry about daughter-in-law after this this is the result of your prayers, mom I always pray for you guys, may God always bless your marriage I’ll come along with sweets at your place, OK! okay. fine my child! I knew, you’d be sitting here crying but whats the point in cryin?

You know the men of this house are all the same aunty, I am not crying because dad told me not to go to college or talk on the phone… I am upset because he doesn’t trust his own daughter did you see, how he accused me that I talk to boys Zafar is blind with Maira’s love, whatever she says he says the same thing no aunty, she was supporting me but dad scolded her as well no my child!, you are so naive… you don’t understand her tricks she is such a decisive woman first she made Aiman run away, and now she is creating hatred for you in Zafar’s heart but Zafar should use his senses! he doesn’t trust his kid a bit…

Anyways, don’t worry my child… I will talk to Zafar, don’t cry today the food was really delicious you are right I thought there won’t be any good food or hotel in Hyderabad but the food was also good along with the hotel yes! Hyderabad has developed a lot hey listen! return brother Arif’s money, it’s not good to have debts yes, I’m going to return his money and yes.. I’ve to go to Karachi as well Karachi? yes… why? if you’ll go to Karachi, then what will I do here all alone? hey! try to understand…

I can’t take you with me, recently, I’ve sold your bangal and gave them money what will we do later! there are a few important work of mine in Karachi… the minute they’re done, I’ll come back so it means, that the car you’ll take would be for Karachi? yes obviously, what else for? for Karachi and for us to go around as well…. it will be with me for two days… why are you being upset? I told you, I’ll return soon you hid such a big thing from us!, we thought you guys are good people and respectable as well.. we didn’t know that the girls of this house aren’t in the control of their parents it isn’t like this, sister Salma we have a name and reputation in the society if the kids made a mistake, then what can we do in this? you’ve said this and you will go on with your life….

But your daughter has ruined our reputation the preparation for the wedding has started in the whole family, friends, relatives.. all of them know that Sajjad Ahmed’s son is getting married what will we say to the world? sister Salman, forgive us, we our self are hiding our face because of our daughter brother Sajjad, I beg in front of you, we are completely helpless what are you doing brother! keeps this mater to you only, else we won’t be able to face anyone… remove it! your begging in this manner, won’t bring back our respect what answer we’ll to the people? out of nowhere, my son is humiliated for no reason if your daughter wasn’t in your control, then you should have refused clearly, at least we wouldn’t be humiliated like this sister Salma, my daughter is so naive, don’t know who provoked her to do this enough!

There is no need for all of this drama the way your daughter has disrespected my son, just wait & watch… I’ll make sure you won’t be able to face anyone in the society… let’s go! Sajjad… the elders of the community will talk to them! let’s go! brother Sajjad!… Zafar?… Zafar do something.. here, take this you have to drink this twice a day.. I’ve made this myself… drink this, in this condition you need to eat good stuff drink it in front of me come on… mom, I’ll drink it, don’t worry hey just make sure that she drinks it, alright! wow Shaheena! you have won a lottery, your mother-in-law is taking care of you! actually… it’s a good news… Jawed is about to become a father oh okay!, that’s the reason…. I was wondering… what had happened to your mother-in-law.. yes, otherwise I was shocked myself since when did she started taking care of me it’s a good thing, I’ve always served others my whole life, sometimes I should be taken care of as well, it benefits me only his way, I could get something to eat by staying home come on, now return my money in honor of this good news! OK, let me give you the money, you will remember it… let me count the money… take this…

I’ll will give you on one condition only, the recording you have of me, delete it first! hey! what wouldI be doing with it… I’ll delete it, you give me my thing & I’ll give you yours make sure to delete it!… here take it look! you are my best friend, I won’t find a friend like you I know OK! tell me about Salma… I’ve to talk to you go ahead you should give Ayesha permission to go to the college, it’s her last year!… I’ve said ‘NO’ the first time then why did you bring this up again, don’t you understand at the first time! don’t do this to Ayesha.. after her mother’s death you are her only support.. if you’ll do this to her where will she go? I should talk to father myself, I’m sure that if I’ll speak to him myself he won’t refuse me.. but too much strictness can make them a rebel I’m only saying, not to be so strict with Ayesha, whereas she could do something bad by being emotional we haven’t even overcome one problem, God forbid we shall face another problem! first she made Aiman run and now she is creating hatred for you in Zafar’s heart what does this mean? I’m only saying to give her a chance…

she loves you a lot, she won’t do anything wrong, she had worked really hard! go make me some tea, I’m having a headache these women have made my mind go crazy! how are you feeling now? you must be sad seeing me here, you must be thinking I must have hanged myself to the fan, right? what are you talking about?… I’ve brought tea for you stop your drama, I’ve heard how you were feeding my father ears against me I haven’t done any such thing, I was just helping you… enough! don’t interfere in any of my matter… I’m not Aiman who would listen to you and get fooled easily! what are you saying Ayesha? you are a bewitching women and decisive women, only to be hated! if you weren’t my father’s wife, I would have grabbed your hand and kicked you out of the house long time ago now go from here! what happened mom? is everything alright? what should I tell? also there isn’t anything left to tell about what has happened? what was left is also complete now, brother Ejaz’s family had came, they’ve come to know about Aiman this was supposed to happen, for how long would we have lied to them? they were saying that they will call the community for the final decision decision! but of what? why don’t I die?

The people who we didn’t even consider to talk, are the one’s pointing fingers at us now! we had to face this time as well… for God’s sake, get yourself together! my heart is exploding, I’m feeling sick! dad! dad, this way you will get sick… I’m here, I’ll handle everything, don’t worry take rest you come with me, I’ll take you to your room, come! who? who is it? who? who is it? Ali… Ali.. is someone here! leave me!….. leave me! who’s there?, Ali… Ali! sister-in-law… sister-in-law! sister-in-law, I was just joking… sister in law, Ali has sent money for you sister-in-law, i was just joking… sister-in-law! sister-in-law, sorry! sister in law… why does Ayesha always remains rude to me? I only want best for her I’ve heard everything about how you were filling my father’s ears against me! how will I make Ayesha believe me? that I never wanted to come in between her and her father ever! you took Rs. 10 lakhs to marry my father? you are so disgusting! No, Ayesha! it isn’t as you think it is whoever has told you this matter, is all lie! yes! you are the only one, who speaks the truth here… rest all are liars Rabia has opened your truths! now tell me, am I a liar, or you are? speak, or you will be standing quiet like this?

I hate you! I should talk to Zafar about it No! if I’ll tell this to Zafar, don’t know how he will react I’m about to sleep now, tomorrow there is an important meeting… wake me up in the morning you also sleep door knocks who’s there?.. who is it? Aiman, open the door, what happened? who is it? Aiman it’s me, open it Ali… Ali! what happened? Ali! what happened?, come here Ali… what happened? brother Arif…brother Arif Arif what? brother Arif has misbehaved with me and he… he touched me… he had touched me! I will kill him… I’m coming in a while no, Ali… I won’t let you go anywhere.. nothing will happen he will come again…Aiman! nothing will happen I’m coming in a few Ali please don’t leave me.. Ali listen to me! yesterday, I saw Ali…

what! you saw Ali, and you are telling me now!, why didn’t you catch that rascal? I tried a lot, but he slipped through my hands oh!, have you noted his car’s number or you’ve missed that as well? I’ve noted give it to me let me call Naeem, I think… we will get some help from that number yes, Naeem.. yes I’m fine, listen… I’m sending you a car’s number, find out it’s location yes, I’m sending.. tell me… BBE-341.. you don’t love me at all… no there is nothing like that, father loves his daughter a lot… more than anything in this world if Shahmeer is a my shoulder, so you are the peace of my eyes brother, there is a good news for you, we have got to know about Aiman what? what are you saying Zafar? inspector Naeem found out, she is in Hyderabad right now! okay then let’s go, come on! I’ll bury her with my own handsNo, no! brother no, you won’t be going…

I & Shahmeer will go to get her after that you can do whatever you want to do with her brother right now, your health doesn’t gives you the permission, you are understanding what I am saying right? remember one thing, I want both of them anyhow, alive or dead that’s how it will happen… sit down do one small thing, if you could can you visit the factory.. yes hello! look! what that idiot Arif did to you… I had forbidden you, didn’t i? I won’t leave him, I will kill him you won’t do anything to him, you won’t even see his face again he was such an old friend of mine…

But his one dirty look finished everything he was saying that if we didn’t vacate the house, then he’ll call the police who wants to live in this house, we will leave even before he says but where will we go, we don’t have any place or money I’ve 2 to 2.5 lakhs and some jewelry, after selling them we could buy a reasonable flat but those are yours, how can I take them? this isn’t the time for this, Aliwe have to leave from here we will go, you have solved a big problem of mine! okay you go and do the packing, & listen! keep the money & jewelry safely whose car is this?

Mine car, ir.. Whom did you give it to? I had given this to a guy, namely Arif you had given to a guy, namely Arif? yes sir…what! are you sure?… yes sir are you sure you gave it to a guy called Arif, show me the record! sir, it’s in the register… bring the register register.. it’s in the register or shall I show you? did you gave it to Arif or to Ali? sir, I’ve given it to Arif.. you gave it to Arif….! yes sir… look here and talk! sir, I have given it to Arif only you gave it to Arif, what is your business of? sir NIC, mobile number, all of this is present in the register everything is present in it.? yes sir everything is in it? yes sir if it comes out to be Ali, I will not spare you, will take you away from here only… understand! sir, it’s my business…

I don’t lie! I had given to a guy called Arif… again, you are telling a lie, again lie!… come on! come…. he is saying the truth… don’t worry, I will find some solution…. I’ll talk to him he will spill all the truth I wonder how Aiman would be, don’t know what Shahmeer and Zafar would do to her? Zafar has found the chance and don’t know what he will do to Aiman! don’t know, what must be happening there! I should have gone with them with force, what if they kill Aiman Aiman!, what have you done! keep this RS. 2 lakh, it will help for the wedding shopping only 2 lakhs?

What will happen with this? what did I thought that I would give my daughter so many things, but I couldn’t even buy one set for her keep this for now, and the jewelry that is under making, who will pay for that?…. me only! and you ask for calculation for all the things, what about that? I ask for calculation because I’m an employee there when we will have our own business then our hands would be open to spent, then do whatever you want! what happened Aunty? when the child robs it’s own house, then tell me, what shall the mother do! what has happened? actually….

If I told her about jewelry and money then the previous issue will start again, it’s better to tolerate this matter this way only! I had prepared for her wedding with so many wishes…. what shall I do with these dresses.

Seeing them is making my heart churn! what had to happen has happened Aunty, Aiman choose this way herself Aiman!… you destroyed your luck by your own hands only! let me keep these clothes… wonder where she would be!… what would she be doing, how will she be… oh God!, please protect her….. God protect her only! look at their guts, they are saying don’t insult us, if they were so scared of being humiliated then they should have kept their daughter tied son, I’ve told the community members, that we haven’t refuse for the marriage, their daughter has ran away!, we were the one who faced the loss instead the cards for wedding were printed, even hall was booked… but I won’t be staying quiet anymore, anyhow, we also have respect! father what will I answer my friends? my friends were booking cars to attend my wedding, they will make fun of me!… people will think that the girl ran away because of me, as she didn’t like me their is no fault in you, but in that idiot Aiman, I already suspected something was wrong but I believed her clever mother words you’ll see how I’ll humiliate them by going everyone’s house… if I don’t make them chew iron gram then my name is not Salma!

What would be the use of it now?, what needed to happen has already happened… then why should we bare this loss?it shall be bear by those who are at fault what does it mean? meaning is clear, so what! if Aiman ran away, Zafar uncle’s daughter is still there what are you saying?… have you gone crazy? I am talking about sensible stuff, anyway after marrying Khalid uncle’s daughter what would I’ve gained?… a small job at the factory… yes, but if I marry Zafar uncle’s daughter… I’ll get the chance to be the owner of the factory! but Ayesha is already engaged to Parveen’s son! mom, my marriage got broke, engagement is not a big deal! wow! wow son!

our son is right, if we marry Zafar’s daughter to our son then all their wealth will come to us! we are here to give our condolence to you.. condolence!…. for what? such a big incident happened in the neighborhood, and we didn’t even know! then should we have announced it in the whole neighborhood? No! we wanted to congratulate for Aiman’s marriage but here, the bride ran away.. anyway we feel sorry are you here for condolences or to sprinkle salt on the wound? what is there to sprinkle salt about? all of the daughter are same… God never do this with an enemy as well! by the way, did Aiman run away in day or night? Aiman made a mistake… she should have knocked on your door and then ran and should have asked you whether she should run or not! you are getting angry for no reason, we are here to sympathize you oh God!, I’m tired of all these condolences, I’m tired facing people since morning… my head is about to explode! it is the first time something this big happened in the neighbor… people will talk about it…. and you used to talk about people as well! look sister, see my hands joined together, we are already very worried, don’t make us more worried…. drink tea and go!… get out of here! no.. no!

Forget about tea… we will leave now.. thank you very much I feel pity for the grooms side, what was their fault?… these neighbors have been making me angry… these neighbor is of illiterates… God forbid…. they often worry about others house.. where are you going? actually, I was going to my mother’s house that’s it!, going to your mother’s house! there is such a big problem going around the house but your only concern is to go to your mother’s house!

I was going for a few hours only, I will come back soon! enough!, there is no need… go to your room sister-in-law.. go! she’ll go to her mother’s place… she isn’t worried about the house one bit! one minute one minute… speak! who is Arif? huh? who is Arif? where is Ali? who? where is Ali? where is Ali?! Ali.. Ali, who Ali? I don’t know! let’s go! I don’t know any Ali… okay, one minute get out of here! one minute.. one minute let’s go… come! let me take the phone!

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