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22 August, 2020

do one thing, send me the notes forget it! all my preparation is complete, and I’ll top this time as well, you just want me

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18 August, 2020

Did the location get traced? yes sir, that’s why I’m here… number was last traced at superhighway… highway, it mean that they are nearby Hyderabad…

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17 August, 2020

If I am not able to talk to Maira today, then I will go to her house for sure, don’t know how my child must

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16 August, 2020

Door knocks Aiman, open the door!…. Parveen, bring the keys otherwise I will break the door if you have done such a deed, than why

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15 August, 2020

Come in inside… tell me more, how is your health? thanks to God, it’s fine… what about you? how is brother? thanks to God… sit

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14 August, 2020

Zafar poured all of Aiman’s anger on me she must have gone to meet Ali the fire in which Aiman is playing, it will burn

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11 August, 2020

Ayesha… hmm… you do know that when you go into someone’s room, you knock first! sorry! Aunty told me to give you tea, I came

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29 July, 2020

The young daughter is sitting at home, but mom & dad can’t see anything except for their own son, huh… this boy has made us

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26 July, 2020

Ayesha! that’s bad manners in relation she is your mother… at least consider that it’s the respect, that’s why I’m sitting at the same place

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20 July, 2020

Hello… hi! mom, how are you feeling now? thank God, I’m fine…. I have to talk about something important, is sister-in-law any where around you?

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