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19 July, 2020

Won’t you have breakfast? No, I’m not hungry have breakfast from today on wards, you’ll have your lunch & breakfast with me… as now I’m

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18 July, 2020

What bad has my daughter done to you? you wed off my daughter with an old man, you’ve destroyed my delicate daughter what sort of

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17 July, 2020

Yes, Ali… what were you saying? why are you disconnecting my call again & again? and the way you’ve runaway from the restaurant, I feel

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16 July, 2020

wow! she is beautiful, right? both the girls are so beautiful may God bless both of them but I liked Ayesha, for my Noman but

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15 July, 2020

Mahira… it doesn’t feel right to see you working like this sister-in-law…it’s okay, you just get better Kamal doesn’t listen to a word I have

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14 July, 2020

You sit right here, I’ll bring you your medicine mother is calling you, come with me what happened Aimen? you go, I’ll come after I

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13 July, 2020

what did you do? you dropped the cup it’s good that you didn’t break it are you blind? Pick it up sister-in-law I dropped it

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12 June, 2020

Follow us on Twitter (@SafdarKhan) and Facebook! Eukaryote cells additionally have membrane-bound organelles. All of these organelles have different functions. But cells aren’t isolated little

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